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CFI Workspace offers a range of services to meet the needs of our customers before and during a workspace project, as well as for Day 2 needs.

Core Services

Talk to our clients and read our testimonials, and you’ll find that CFI Workspace is known for its service. It’s what sets us apart from our competition, both in the Greater Philadelphia market and around the country. Our Core Services play a central role in our project process.

Product Specification & Visualization

Our highly skilled in-house designers are product experts. They put their expertise to use to translate a design firm’s and client’s vision into a bill of materials that’s ready for quoting and ordering.

Skilled in AutoCAD, they’re also experts in CET, a software package that allows for fast translation from concept to rendering, with on-the-fly changes. We have employees who are product experts in both the Knoll and Herman Miller brands, and the entire design staff is constantly updating their knowledge with in-person classes and webinars.

Overall floor plan with prelim layouts
WS 1 120 DEG

Project Management

Project managers are engaged in the project team and provide important quality control to our design department early in the process. But they don't stop there—they're with you the whole way through.

In the beginning, the dedicated project manager is present at project meetings and at the office coordinating logistics. Once the project begins delivery and installation, the project manager will be on-site to work with the installation foreman and coordinate with trades, as well as to be the face of CFI Workspace for the client, designer, and general contractor.

Account Management

Responsive service is what sets us apart, and this is why large national and international customers return to CFI Workspace again and again. Our Account Executives and Account Managers are your primary point of contact and are the lynchpin of the dedicated project team.

In addition to using direct communication with their primary point of contact, many of our customers use a dedicated email address or contact portal that connects to the entire team, ensuring that no query falls through the cracks.


CFI Workspaces's Client Services team handles scheduling for all union and non-union projects, utilizing our in-house team and trusted union subcontractors.

For projects requiring union labor, CFI Workspaces's Client Services Manager will get pricing from multiple union installation subcontractors in order to find the best fit for the project. Our team will continue to manage logistics on CFI Workspace's end, while the project manager works with the subcontractor's foreman.

A group sitting in a space created for people to collaborate in chairs on a rusty colored rug
Herman Miller Environmental Firm Space


Different projects have different needs, and we’re here with the solutions to match yours. We have a diverse menu of optional services to help you get the most out of your furniture investment as well as manage the day-to-day churn that comes with managing your facility.

Asset Management

We offer storage space to house your unused furniture and files, and an inventory management system so you always know what you have on hand and what condition it’s in.

Restacking and Design Management

When it’s time to reconfigure or restack your space, our designers work to re-use as much of your existing product as possible and make sure it’s installed with a minimum of interruption to your business.

Furniture Care

We repair the wear and tear on your furnishings and upholstery, refurbish and refinish your furniture and make sure that it matches your company image and your budget.


CFI Workspace is committed to doing its best to reduce, reuse and recycle. That’s why we help facilitate the proper disposal and brokering of your out-of-date, worn-out, and broken office furniture.

Value Engineering

We look at using different materials and components to achieve the look you want at the price you need.

Financial Alternatives

We offer alternatives to finance your entire project including furniture, products, delivery, installation, and professional services.

On-Site Services

Our on-site services provide full-time and part-time professionals who can reconfigure your facilities, manage a move to a new officem or help standardize your facilities processes.

“CFI Workspace continues to provide outstanding service. They are extremely responsive to the customer and always meet their deliverables.”
International Pharmaceutical Company Kathryn
“CFI Workspace immediately stepped up to help us as our valued vendor partner. No matter the size of the project they consistently offer valuable solutions, data, and support. My requests are quickly addressed, and they always are proactive on informing me of my deliverables and deadlines. They understand our purchasing process and help us to maintain those deadlines.”
National Technology Company Colleen
“It is always clear to me that you have a complete understanding of our needs, and that you put the client first. There are very few service providers or vendors that I deal with where I can make that statement. You have set the bar high and, in my opinion, have completely separated yourself from ‘the pack’ of your competitors.”
A Philadelphia Law Firm Janet R.

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