An executive office space with a glass rounded desk and blue office chair, including two blue sitting chairs and privacy curtain.

MillerKnoll Certified Dealer

It's not just a label. When your dealer is a Certified MillerKnoll dealer, you know you are getting quality, design, and service, backed by MillerKnoll's exacting standards.

Customers choose to work with a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer because they are assured that along with the MillerKnoll portfolio of products, they're getting exceptional workplace consultation, design, service, project management, and installation as well. Dealers like CFI Workspace who earn the Certified Dealer label have met a rigorous set of standards set by MillerKnoll and must continue to progress to remain certified.

Plus, when you work with one MillerKnoll Certified Dealer, you’re accessing the entire network's resources. Through MillerKnoll's ServiceNet® system, CFI Workspace can access the resources of dealers in 45 US states and 6 Canadian provinces to make sure your project goes off without a hitch, no matter how many miles it is from Philadelphia. One point of contact, one contract, and one invoice—you can work with CFI Workspace for all your MillerKnoll purchases, whether it's for your King of Prussia headquarters or a satellite office in Queen Creek, AZ.

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