Jazz Pharmaceuticals

CFI Workspace modernized this pharmaceutical company's space, introducing versatile modular spaces like workstations, focus zones, and dynamic collaborative breakout areas.


CFI Workspace helped to visualize and execute Jazz Pharmaceuticals' facility in Pennsylvania. Our design seamlessly integrates individual workstations with an array of dynamic break-out areas. These spaces, ranging from cozy huddle rooms to expansive training areas, are purposefully crafted to facilitate research and collaboration.

“CFI Workspace continues to provide outstanding service. They are extremely responsive to the customer and always meet their deliverables.”
International Pharmaceutical Company Kathryn
“Thanks to the CFI team, the furniture aspect of the project went very smoothly and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. When installing workstations and panels, issues always arise due to various field conditions. The CFI team ensured that each challenge was dealt with quickly and efficiently preventing any slippage in the schedule.”
Pharmaceutical Company Ron

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